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Torchwood Babiez!

torchwood babiez
torchwood babiez

Welcome to Torchwood Babiez! – a fancomic by spastasmagoria and jigglykat


A: Yes, we know. As we've stated, it's complete crack. It may not be your cup of tea, but it certainly is ours. You can blame little kids that cosplay Torchwood.

Q: What is this drawn in?
A: Everything is hand-drawn and colored in Flash. It's then imported into Photoshop for some texturing for the backgrounds and resizing. After that, it's imported into Comic Book Creator where the images are dropped into pre-made panels and speech bubbles are added. Those panels are exported back into Photoshop where they are cut up, rearranged to fit on a page, text is added and everything is cleaned up. It's a nice tedious process that takes a long time to do.

Q: Why is it so long between posts?
A: This is done in our spare time, which doesn't really exist to begin with. Both of us are extremely busy with our jobs and personal lives, but we do work on this whenever we get a free night and/or weekend. Just be patient with us! We've put a lot of time and effort into this, so we will see it through to the end... whenever that might be.

Q: Can I make icons?
A: Of course! Just make sure you give tw_babiez the appropriate credit and a link so we can see them when you're done!

Q: Can I make ______ ?
A: We really appreciate all the enthusiasm of others spreading the love for us, but we also appreciate being asked permission first. Though these characters don't belong to us, it is our art and writing that's being used. Anything else beyond icons -- whether it is reposting elsewhere, translating the comic, making a T-shirt, making a video, anything! -- we would very much like to be asked first. This way, we are aware of your hard work!

Q: Will this be printed when it's done?
A: Most likely not. We're predicting this to be a 40ish-page comic, maybe more. That's a lot of full color pages to print out. On our measly paychecks, we simply can't afford it. Plus, more importantly, there's that silly little thing called copyright. These characters don't belong to us, so when money exchanges hands, things get a little... iffy.

Q: Where is baby!Donna/River/Five/Jamie/Tegan/Susan/Trogdor/etc.?
A: In our brains, that’s where.


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