torchwood babiez (tw_babiez) wrote,
torchwood babiez

Torchwood Babiez - Part 5 - Page 42

Tags: comic, fanart, twbabiez, who
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Deleted comment

This is excellent - my favorite is typical snarky Owen and little Jack afraid he's won't get lunch (I'd be sad if I missed out on mac 'n' cheese too!). :)

Deleted comment

See? If only the rest of the babies would have paid attention and given Satan the cookie... :/
Poor Nine. His expressions are spot-on (+adorable!!!!), and it's brilliant to see tiny!Jack is just as irresistible as the full grown version.
That is right Owen, you don't listen to anybody! Priceless!
yay, we got a 'Reverse the polarity'! And baby!Jack waking up is just so DAMN ADORABLE!!
I think grown-up Torchwood would be a happier story if they ate mac 'n cheese more often. 'Lil Jack is such a charmer.
Tiny Jack is making me laugh my ass off. And if he can make Jackie smile, he truly has power.

Also, Tiny Tosh with her computer! <3
OMG Tosh.
I actually called my computer "Puter" when I was little, so I'm smiling so hard right now.
And I love Tiny Owen so much.