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I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

So we have some bad news, guys.

A week ago, my harddrive died unexpectedly. I’ve taken it to be looked at by a few computer savvy folks, but there’s no way of transferring the data without sending it to a professional data recovery, which gets to be very expensive.

The final part of Torchwood Babiez has been lost. What’s worse is that it was done. DONE. I had a few more pages to put together and that’d be it. You guys have no idea how upset I’ve been this past week. I’ve not only lost the last part of the comic, but a decent amount of my own personal art work as well.

We feel awful for letting everyone down. We were both super-excited to have this done and share with you. I do still have some of the previous files saved on an external HD, so I haven’t lost *everything*. But as of now, we have absolutely no clue when the final part will be finished.

Despite this setback, we do want you all to know that this comic will not be abandoned. I’m going to try my hardest to use any spare time to work on it.

Thanks, you guys, for being understanding.

A sidenote: Any comment in the vein of “This is why you back up your work” will not be appreciated. I’ve already been kicking myself all week and I don’t need to go through another round of it.
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