torchwood babiez (tw_babiez) wrote,
torchwood babiez

Torchwood Babiez - Part 5 - Page 45

Tags: comic, fanart, twbabiez, who
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So sweet! This is totally adorable!

I can almost see the tears welling in Ianto's eyes.

Now Ianto needs Jack to come over and give him huggles. Because Jack should have seen Ianto be all nice and awesome and brave like that ^.^
AWWWW. OMG the cute is killing me. Killing me dead.
Little!Ten's all: someone else is paying attention to my Wose, must drag her away! And Ianto's so wonderful brave - yeah, he deserves a Tiny!Jack cuddle!
C'mon, Ten, share! Jack would. ;)
Rose will take good care of Lisa, don't you worry Ianto.
It's okay, Ianto. Rose will take Lisa on adventures in space AND time. I like how Lisa almost looks like she's waving goodbye in the last panel.
So cute!!! :D
Oh, sweet sweet Ianto.
I can almost imagine him crying right now. I hope to god Jack gives him a hug. And that Owen doesn't make fun of him anymore.